Venture Into Louisiana’s Lush Wilderness

Are you a hiker or a biker? Myers Landing is perfect for both!

The area surrounding Myers Landing is known across the south as a place for nature lovers to visit. Hikers, bikers and canoers alike view the Lake Arthur area as an outdoor haven. That’s because the Flyway Byway and the Creole Nature Trail are just a hop and a skip away. Call our campground today to learn more.

Hunt and fish in the nearby Lacassine Refuge

Hunt and fish in the nearby Lacassine Refuge

Louisiana is known for its vibrant marshes that are teeming with wildlife. That’s why it’s called the Sportsman’s Paradise. From migratory birds to coastal fish of all kinds, you’re sure to stumble across a new species with every trip to Myers Landing.

Just down the road is the Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge, a haven for marksmen and fishermen. It doesn’t matter if you like to hunt game or admire it from afar, there’s something for every visitor. Call Myers Landing today at 337-774-2338 to learn more.